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Oklahoma FairTax Inc is a not for profit corporation with the sole purpose of educating, promoting and help pass the FairTax.
In the state of Oklahoma lone we have over 14,000 supporters who wish to see the FairTax become a reality.

Here in Oklahoma as well as on a national scale there are many MANY ways you can help spread the word on the FairTax and work towards our goal

Join Oklahoma FairTax

The state of Oklahoma under Billy Harrington our State Director is divided into the 5 congressional districts, each with its own District Director and Deputy District Director.
Supporting those district directors are our Community Coordinators who form the grassroots movement here in Oklahoma.
In order to utilize the information and resources provided by Oklahoma FairTax and Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT) you must sign up as a Community Coordinator and sign our non-disclosure agreement. Please Contact Us for more information.

Become a verbal supporter of the FairTax

You've heard about the FairTax, be it through radio, TV, internet or friends....but that does not mean that everyone else has.
Have a Facebook account? Post a link to a FairTax article or the FairTax Facebook group itself and get your friends involved.
Read the newspaper? Write a letter to the editor about the FairTax.
Have a Twitter account? Tweet about the FairTax and get people's input and help answer questions.
Out and about a lot? Get a FairTax t-shirt and let people come to you.
Have a website? Post a FairTax banner showing people you support it.
Own a business? Post a 'This Business Supports FairTax' in your window and tell your customers.
Grassroots means just that, we are all responsible for spreading the word and getting things done...any way we can.


Attend a FairTax event

Events are always going on in Oklahoma about the FairTax.
Be it at a rally, a fair or just the regular FairTax Informational meetings we hold.
Be a friend, bring your family....and then take what you learn and tell everyone who will listen.
Tell us how you would like to or how you can help.
Click the PDF icon to the right or Contact Us
Even if its just sporting a FairTax bumper sticker, everything helps.

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If you would like to learn more, get involved and help with our goal please browse the website and we look forward to meeting you shortly.
Search the 'Library of Congress' and track the progress of HR.25 The FairTax